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3 simple words- Quality, Quality and Quality. It is our driving force, the reason for our existence and success. A better question is how do we achieve this superior quality? Our extensive research in this field and network of resources helps us to procure only the best products. The dedication and adherence to the highest quality standards on an international level makes us the organic agro product exporter to the world.
Innovation is the backbone of our company and makes us the market leaders. Research is a core function of our company and our facilities speak to our commitment to research. To maintain our quality, we have heavily invested in world class storage facilities with all amenities needed to minimise polluting and corrupting effects.
India, the land of agriculture is globally acknowledged as one of the top sources of agro products. We have developed an extensive network to reap the benefits of this natural gift to provide highly specialised products to our clients. This expansive network enables to provide products at all times to our clients and makes us the most reliable provider globally.
We also serve specialized, customized packaging needs of our clients. We provide special material, sizes and shapes for clients on demand. We also provide third party branding on the packaging.
Our commitment to quality, driving innovation and cutting edge research has led us to establish ourselves as market leaders for decades. We maintain this position by following the same principles and not wavering in our dedication.

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We can always rely on Mayuresh EXIM to have our consignment on time.It is great working with you because I can always count on excellent quality goods and service. The team at Mayuresh EXIM consistently goes above and beyond the call to make sure our requirements are met, irrespective of the order size.We would not hesitate to recommend Mayuresh EXIM to our business associates looking for a professional and reliable trade partner.Keep up the good work Mayuresh EXIM Team!

- Aditya Singh, Head Sales, Vista Foods & Co
We developed a great partnership with Mayuresh EXIM and their dedication towards fulfilling our requirement is evident in all aspects from the quality products to the timely delivery they offer. We appreciate their attention to details and time bound approach to bringing our new exhibit to life in Commodities business.
- Rakesh Pradhan, Sunrise Agro Exports Pvt. Ltd.
I am writing a thank you for accomplishing the requirement with exact specifications in the most efficient manner. You really went above and beyond in looking into customised packaging we needed and supplying them at a very reasonable price. Your kindness and patience in assisting us in this regard is very much appreciated. The products were a great success.
- Vikram, Marketing head, Global EXIM Ltd.
I’ve been dealing with Mayuresh EXIM and his team for several years now and i’m never disappointed in the quality of their Agro and Organic products. My sellers are impressed with the quality products and I definetly think it gives me an advantage above the market competitors. Quality products and timely delivery are a must in this competitive business and I truly believe my sellers get more buyers in the door because of these quality products! Thanks Mayuresh EXIM !!
- Jacob Mathews, Profitex Trading & Co
Mayuresh EXIM, is a renowned expert in procuring, marketing & supplying of Agro as well as Organic products. They have a unique and enviable ability to immediately connect with clients requirements, and deliver it to their satisfaction. The firm is especially skilled at offering products that are economic to customers, yet with high quality.
- A K Ghosh, CMD, NHC Group
We save our critical requiremetns for Mayuresh EXIM. They understand our business essentials and are pros at utilizing their expertise to consistently deliver the same. There are a lot of companies who say they can, Mayuresh EXIM is one of a very few who really can.
- Joe Sanders, Sales Head, Orchard Group Pvt. Ltd.
Mayuresh EXIM is the type of company that is hard to find. I’m glad I found them. They provided what they promised on a short notice, tight timeline, and with amazing precision. They exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them – without a doubt.
- P. Senthil, Platinum Food Manufacturing Ltd.
I would like to thankMayuresh EXIM and the team that worked on my customised requirement. I came to them with a very minimal inputs of what I wanted and they made the inputs into an successful delivery in a very short time. This is a TOP NOTCH COMPANY.
- Krishna, Quality & Assurance Head, A G Spices Pvt. Ltd.
Mayuresh EXIM provides high quality products which are now in great demand amongst my customers. It is my intention to continue to have our association with Mayuresh EXIM services to help me advance forward in the highly competitive Agro & Organic product market space. A valuable asset to have in your pocket.
- Jenny, Sales Manager, Tradesource Foods Pvt. Ltd.
This company is exemplary at relationship management and maintains a laser-like focus on customer service and satisfaction. At the same time, they provide a creative partnership atmosphere for their associates, where both the parties are grown and rewarded. I would recommend Mayuresh EXIM to anyone who is interested in having a reliable business partner in Agro & Organic product industry.
- Robert Neil, Regional Manager, JayMax Processed Foods.
You can feel their internal energy, they are always excited about serving our business requirements. When you find a company like Creative Mechanisms, you stay with them. They are a one-stop shop.
- Rohit Joshi, Managing Director, Natural Foods Ltd.
Mayuresh EXIM have made a big impact on my business. I had a large client that required that I have a complete range of Organic & High quality products before I win their business, and I was able to do this quickly and economically with Mayuresh EXIM.
- Renny Jose, Head-Purchase, SK Food Services Pvt. Ltd.
Mayuresh has been a great strategic partner for our company. Their chain of procuring, marketing & supplying is far superior to their competitors in the of Agro / Organic products arena. Because of Customer Focused back end order management team, time bound delivery and competitive pricing, we have been able to streamline our business and add additional margins to the bottom line customer base. We would highly recommend Mayuresh EXIM to anyone in the Agro product imports industry.
- Anish Thomas, Director, Universal Trading Co.
I am convinced that the our distributors and the industry as a whole will benefit from the Organic products offered by the Mayuresh EXIM team. I have seen many companies having similar range of products in the past, and none have shown the depth of understanding of our industry requirement and to provide a high quality product range such as seen with Mayuresh EXIM.
- Bruce, Regional Purchase Manager, Noble LLC
Thank you, the product consignments are absolutely satisfying and you did a fantastic job. This is 150% percent better than my previous business associate!
- Shivani Garg, Customer relations, R D International Pvt. Ltd.