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Also known as the bulb onion or common onion it is a hugely popular and widely cultivated vegetable belonging to the Allium genus. Indian onions have a unique pungency and the country is the 2nd largest producer of the product in the world. Its popularity stems from their varied usage in food as well as their medicinal value.

There are basically 3 types of onions, mainly differentiated by their colour- Red, Light Red / Yellow and white onions- and every variety has a unique taste.

HS code 7031010
Product origin India
Packing As per the requirement

Red Onions

Largely used in preparing various types of cuisines, red onions procured by us are the best amongst all choices available in the market. Red onions help in lightening the balance of blood, firms up muscles and facilitate bowel movements.


Light Red Or Yellow Onions

Widely known for their strong flavour, great taste and rich aroma, they are used to flavour various types of food items. These Onions are a rich source of Dietary fibre, Folic acid, Vitamin C and Potassium.


White Onions

White onions have a sharp and spicy flavour. They are a type of dry onion that has pure white skin and a sweet, mild white flesh and are available in different sizes. It is easy to distinguish white onions because they are firm with even colour. They need to be stored in a dry location with good ventilation available. They are widely used in preparations of various chutneys and raw salsas and are low in cholesterol and sodium and rich in vitamin c.