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Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds or til, is a common ingredient in various cuisines. India is the second largest producer of sesame seeds and as a result, we can supply high quality product consistently.  They have an extremely high oil content compared to the other seeds and a delicate, nutty flavour which enhances the taste of the dishes. Ground sesame seeds are used to make tahini, a smooth paste commonly added to Middle Eastern dishes. They are particularly used with chicken and other meats and in warm salads and salad dressings. We provide hulled, natural, black and roasted/ toasted types of sesame seeds.

We can supply brown, white and black variety of sesame seeds. Brown sesame seeds are used for extraction of oil which is extensively used in India. They have high oil content of around  45-50%. The white seeds which are exported from India is known for their nutty flavour and is used as a condiment for baking purposes, it is mostly found sprinkled over buns and cakes. The black seeds are rich in flavour and are mostly used as a seasoning in salads, to marinate meat and vegetables, and also for medicinal purposes. Another use of black sesame seeds is in preparation of animal feed.

HS code 12074090
Product origin India
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